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yes, i'm stupid... thank you for not mocking.

alright. how do i use elevators?

i feel like a retard when i run into problems like this.. but i think i'm missing something with the commands...

oi vey.

*shakes her head*

oh and i might as well just add another problem i have as well...

when someone pages you.. how the hell do you page them back?
i tired using
page Name with "text" like it says in the help file... but no...

and i really have tried to figure both of these out on my own.

(Edited by Bias at 12:29 pm on April 22, 2002)

Some elevators let you just talk.

say 5

say security

say help

Some let you push <button> on panel


And since only admin can page, use the 'xhelp' command or @respond to talk back to them, like it says.

don't forget to 'call' the elevator and get in...i know i had problems with those too

oh... i didn't know only admin could page... thanks for clearing that up. :) i've been all confused so many times now, when an admin tries to help me with something and i have no idea how to talk back. :) hope they now understand that it wasn't rudness.

and thanks for the elevator info, it's been driving me nuts for a while now.