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Grapple continued (from hall)
Because the grapple discussion in hall got out of hand.

Ok... so gunna be a bit blunt with this one. As things stand I do not like grapple. Not because I have lost to it in the past, that's ic and I can deal. I'm not even sure how OP it is when you look at it mechanically speaking (although it does -feel- OP). My problem with grapple is I find it oocly -boring-. I know I am not alone in holding this opinion.

In open combat you as a player have options five postures of combat plus, grapple, disarm, flee etc etc. It is fast paced and exciting. Once in a grapple you have one option outside posing (resist) and shouting and that becomes automated the moment the other player starts to attack you. The player has no influence on the physical result of the combat or even the illusion that they do so by say, changing posture. You become disengaged from the game and it almost becomes like reading a book rather than playing a game at all for those brief moments till either death comes or you manage to break free (ok. You can pose and I do. But if the characters mind is made up and they are going to kill you then it's like posing to a brick wall, not very satisfiying).

I'd like to see more options as to what can be done in a grapple. In a previous thread I have suggested we have a similar system to postures in which you attempt to resist by different means like punching the person off you or clawing at the arm to try and remove it by force.

I am aware changes are coming to reduce the apparent Overpoweredness of grapple, but what is being done to make it more interesting?