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It's Down
We'll continue RPing in this thread until it comes back up

emote pings the moo from three different locations

emote panics

say It's not just me, right? It's actually down?

If this is going to take longer, I would appreciate an update on when it's going to come back.

I'd really love to move my character out the danger zone.

But I understand that you guys are likely busy scrambling to get the server back online, so I'll just patiently wait for now...

Generally what happens when the game goes down and then comes back up, if you don't connect and move your own character the Admin will shove you in a coffin somewhere.

And if you were in public and didn't happen to get moved to a coffin, it's a Very Bad Thing (TM) for anybody to go and loot you while your character is asleep in a public place. There's a reason admins make shouts to report sleepers following a crash and restore. Those who ignore the situation and go looting people they know are only in public because of the restore from backup, well, they get a visit at night from Jinx. And not the good kind.