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Italian newbie alone in the Dome!

Hi everyone!

So glad to have found this place, it's like... awesome! I have a problem tho: what timezone is the majority of you playing from? Or, more straightforward, at what time of the day in GMT+1 do I find the game to be populated by active people?

Probably best bet is 10pm GMT+1 and beyond for the most active bunch.

I'll try to pop in tonite then :) Thanks for the advice!

I work nights, and I have to say that even super late/early, the game stays fairly active. It just hits much higher at in the early afternoon-to-late evening US-side.

The IC time matches U.S. West Coast time, so, afternoon Withmore time is after-work for people in real life in Europe and Africa, midnight Withmore time is near after-work for people in real life in Australia/West Pacific, and afternoon/late evening Withmore time is afternoon/night time for people in real life in the North and South Americas.

We really do have people from all over the world playing. Every one of those regions and continents and probably more (what'd I leave out? Near East/Far East Asia? Sinarcia?) have players coming every day.

The other thing is, many of them already have stuff to do and plots they're involved with and goals they're pursuing, so, it can still take some effort to connect with them even at peak times. There aren't 40 players putting their characters within a stone's throw of the immigration area.

SIC is a great option for situations like this. Even veterans use it to stir up some RP for themselves, when they've walked the rounds of the public areas and gathering plces and spotted no PCs to poke. Put something on SIC which gives people a reason to want to come where you are or invite you where they are.