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My first character death involved a bug.
Pure complaint.

I joined Sindome a little over a month ago, and I've had a lot of fun roleplaying in it. I enjoy the game's atmosphere, and I've enjoyed interacting with 90% of the player characters I've met in-game. However, last night and early this morning turned out to be quite a disappointment to me.

Without being too specific, my character was escorting another when a third character attacked the escorted character. My character successfully grappled the third character. The escorted character fled, which, due to escort mechanics, brought my character with them -- and, according to the resulting game mechanics, I dragged along the third character due to grappling despite having no in-game notification of that fact. (I should note that I was still using the old grappling system.)

When I tried to have my character attack the third character, it told me "I see no '' here." I looked, and the third character was nowhere to be found in the room. As a player, I didn't know what to do next, since the game had told me that the third character was still struggling to break free but clearly not in the same room with me.

I moved to another room, and the third character suddenly re-appeared as mine dragged them along. My character tried to flee, but was beaten and then ultimately killed. (If you want screenshots of this encounter, please e-mail me, and I would be happy to provide them.)

I used XHELP to contact the GMs about it, and while they agreed that it was definitely a bug, I was told that there was no way for them to make my character whole, and that I should just basically deal with it. Fine. I understand we can't turn back time and do the fight over again, but I am very disappointed that my very first character death in Sindome involved a bug that prevented me from defending myself, that another player unknowingly took advantage of this bug, and that I'm being told that there's nothing anyone can do for me.

Just wanted to complain.

Seems like it was inevitable.

You got jumped and killed by someone. There was a little messiness with the grappling and fleeing, but ultimately, ICly, you tried to grapple someone, your friend fled, you both perused, the attacker turned on you, you tried to flee and failed to get away. If the whole grapple thing had happened a little cleaner, -maybe- the ultimate outcome might have been different? Maybe not. Either way, it sounds like a perfectly valid IC scene to RP to me, and I respect the admin's decisions not to roll back the RP. I really don't see where someone else knowingly took advantage of this bug: The third party was victim to being dragged along. When they reappeared in the room with you, the RP continued like normal. There was one point in which you couldn't attack them, but that wasn't a bug that prevented you from fleeing during combat, which is what ultimately cost you your life. So I'd say yes, there was a bug involved with your first death, but the entire scene was IC anyway.