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OOC-Channel Courtesy
Share a link? Be kind, tag it

If you're going to share a link in the public chat, you as the poster should be kind enough to tag to it anything necessary, such as NSFW or vulgar, something along these lines. Do not just post a think and when someone comments on what it should be complain at the others that decide to view the link when they ask you to do it from now on.

If you shared a link, you obviously want people to see it. Trying to put it off as the fault of the person viewing said link is not only annoying but downright rude. It doesn't matter what their situation is, if they should know what the contents are because it is you posting it. What if someone has only been playing the game a short while and doesn't know enough about the people they are playing with yet to make such judgement calls?

Case and point, Your link, your responsibility to warn potential viewers of what might be contained there in.