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Picking up weapons after disarm
Seriously, it's way too easy

On more occasions than I can count, I've seen someone get disarmed and then immediately pick up their weapon and continue on like nothing happened. Like, literally a second later. Disarming is basically useless you grab the persons weapon first, which just brings it to a contest of who can type faster. There's a cool down period after disarming someone, shouldn't there be one after being disarmed? Some sort of notable consequence?

You can use the wrest command to actually pluck the weapon from their hands if combat hasn't been initiated yet.

If combat has been initiated I believe there is a penalty. Usually in the form of a missed opportunity to attack. After disarming someone and them retrieving the weapon you should get another chance to strike before they do. Similar to having to draw a weapon once combat has already started.

You lose a combat round. Also, it's not just who can type faster. You, the disarmer, have the advantage of knowing you're about to attempt a disarm. Combat goes fast, if you aren't paying attention you might not react in time to get your weapon back.

Also, if you aren't the one being attacked by the person you are disarming, you can disarm over and over with impunity (as soon as you get your action back) because you're losing a combat round that isn't going to get you killed.

One thing I thought would be neat is if during combat you happen to hit the hand that is wielding a weapon there be a chance they drop it from the blow.