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Quotes in the Web Client
They're a Pain

So, the web client is picky about using single quotes. Normally this is not a big issue, but it becomes a real pain when dealing with things like artistry, and especially so with tattoos. For me to use them without any errors, I have to first write the document in a word processor, then paste it into a plaintext editor, strip those characters and put the plaintext versions in, and then paste that version into SD. The issue being that it's almost impossible to tell the different single quote characters apart while they are in the buffer, but they will be stripped if incorrect in the final version, so heaven forbid if you miss one. It's a small issue, but one that is rather frustrating. Would it be possible for the webclient to accept other character codes for this symbol and convert them innately? Any solution to this would be greatly appreciated!

Smart quotes are a pain. If you use Google docs you can turn them off. If you use word you can turn them off. If you use Mac you can turn them off at the os level.

Running a string replace on all text going out of the webclient might be possible but I worry there could be unintended consequences.

I don't think this is a webclient specific issue but rather an issue with any client with regards to smart quotes, no?