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Shroud Issues

Am I the only person having a problem with shrouds (and other related objects)?

Seems like they never work for me, even with proficient skill and waiting a long time between tries.  Just thought I'd see if anyone else was having issues with it.  Seems to've just started happening recently..

*wonders if anyone is listening*...


Yay for no one caring!

(Edited by Aikao at 2:18 pm on Dec. 3, 2004)

I've noticed the same problem... its damn annoying.

I wear a shroud for three minutes to walk across the street unseen, and then can't use it for the next few hours.

Kinda silly if you ask me.

I am sure there is some tweeking that needs to be done.

Thank the players who lived in shrouds 24-7.

I am sure there is some tweeking that needs to be done.

Thank the players who lived in shrouds 24-7.

'Nuff said.

^ see, this is when flame throwers and long flowing dirty fabric would come together nicely. :)

I meant I can't use them at all.  Period.

They never work for me.  Ever.  Its been like this for over a month now.  :\