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The Grid
Fix it!? Please?

So when will the grid be fully operational again? It's become an important part of SD and it doesn't work right anymore.

New characters can't log into it or register accounts. Old Characters lost all their gridmails and can no longer search nodes.

Will it ever work propperly again?

Come back in five years.... HAHAHAHA.

Just kidding.

I hope...


(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 10:57 am on June 8, 2006)


Okay I'm still unable to use the NLM Liteterm to log in to the grid. Is it just me or is the grid having issues?

So hrm, we've had grid 2.0 for ... 5 years now? When will we Grid 3.0? Or.. even 2.5rc1b ?

srsly. :D this should be like uber high on the list. For realz. I mean we have bitchin cyberware, freaking sweet AV's, bad ass mechs, and possibly the worst interface for the grid. With little to no documentation on how to use it well. pls hlp.


kthxbye :)victormark121