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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from James

Remove this feature. Seriously, is it that hard to go on the BgBB whilst you've got the client open? You know, search for redundancy, prevent repetition and enrich already established threads, or at least think first. This has obviously been said before, but that's the point gotta love self illustration...

Or maybe they should have another feature. name it @chillout?

I find it amusing that someone advocating the removal of @idea did not heed their own advice and go to the BGBB and post his complaint as he prescribed. Ironic. Futhermore, would this not go under the "Game Problems and Complaints" Board? I always assumed Ideas were for new things that could help the game along not negative comments on something already in place. That seems like a complaint or opinion on game problem, not a new Idea.

Just my 20 cents. Cuase hey, 2 cents wont get shit from me.

Also, it could be pointed out that @idea is somewhat more anon then posting on the BGBB.  There are times when someone will not take into account what is being said, because of what has been said before.  Not everyone knows everyone elses character based on their BGBB name, and vice versa.

Also, I'd point out that if you wanted a GUI, you could play a MMORPG, instead of a text based game.  Who doesn't want to keep it all in one window!

The staff has indeed been bemoaning the rehashing of previously discussed ideas and we feel that James is right. So, I've disabled idea submission from within the game.

Now I won't feel nearly as bad when I delete a re-post of a previous idea or lock and link to the old one.

@idea is dead, long live the Idea forum.