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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Bert

Maybe the naked messages should replace the discription...

Explain yourself more...

the @describe me as?? Or the clothing part? Cuz the clothing cover up the @nakeds, and those that aren't covered DO in fact show up in your lower part of your description.

I think what they mean is, @nakeds would replace the description completely, I disagree with this on the principle that I /can't/ desc for crap, as you might notice by my desc in-game, and none of my @nakeds are set.
This is of course if I'm understanding this right.

You understood it perfectly Lujan. An im thinking there is no real point to the character discription if there are @nakeds...Well cept the height...Or I guess you could squeez that in on some body part.

There are two parts of the description: The @describe, and the @naked

The @description is to help OTHERS see your character in a better light, or give YOU a chance to show how YOU view your character to others.

The @nakeds are visible if you want them to be, but who wants to run around with all their naked parts showing? material is made to COVER you, like you would normally.

Why would you want all your nakeds and all your clothes to show?

I've actually seen this done before and it's not actually a bad thing, the reason being that people -frequently- put things in their description that -should- be in their nakeds. Hair color, eye color, skin color, ethnicity or little bodily details. If they're in your desc then no amount of clothing can cover them, when in reality if you were wearing a jumpsuit and helmet people would see none of them.

So yea, some people simply choose to set their description to blank. Personally, I like to use the description, but -just- for what I would call a characters 'aura'. How s/he moves, height, build and perhaps some abstract suggestions of what an observer may get as first impressions based on the way the character behaves... eg

Bill is a tall and well built man who moves with an oddly clumsy gait that, perhaps a limp or the result of some physical deformity. Despite this, he has an obvious confidence and comfort in his surroundings, suggesting he is quite at home in the mix. Those who know him are well aware his confidence is a result of his fearsome reputation as a ruthless killer; a reputation he goes to great lengths to maintain.

The latter half isn't really description, but it's an example of what I'd call abstract information... But really it's a choice, there is -no- rule that says you have to have a description, but if you do it should not contain physical information that belongs in the nakeds. And I really urge people to set their nakeds... even if it's just simple messages on a couple of key locations.

Ahem... Luc does that. ;-)

all this reminds me that I haven't edited or fixed the spelling/grammatical errors on my @nakeds.


How do the @nakeds work? I can't find any in-game help. You really should write some up.

K, I made some very simple mods to @naked and @nakeds to make them more intuitive. Give it a try now with those two commands and let me know if it's self explanitory :)