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@naked eyes is
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikao

I think there should be an @naked specifically for a character's eyes. Sure they can put them in their @naked head description, but then they don't get covered up when they put on shades. Anywho, just something I've thought of for a while and didn't bother to post until now (hey, I'm bored, and nearly too drunk to play..)

yar for the @naked eyes!

and face compared to head/hair?


Actualy, there is an @naked eye is ect, ect... In fact, there are two, one for each eye :o

Ohh and bias, I know what your saying, I've been saying that for the longest time.

Well that's my 2 worth.

(Edited by Lucien at 10:24 am on April 28, 2003)

there's an @naked left eye @naked right eye????

"good grief" like the pumpkin headed boy says.

i'm going to have to take a closer look at my @nakeds then... but wait wait... isn't there something strange about @coverage then?

i should probably log on and look but i can't right now. *shrug* so i'll ask the pointless question thank you very much.

wow..  they don't show up when I type @nakeds..  I'll have to try it out.

They arent in the @nakeds but when you make something they're in the @coverage....so i'd assume you can set @nakeds for them....eyes and ears.... course assuming makes an ass out of U and me ...more often just me though...

okie dokie artichokie ...
take it and fly.