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@trust to feed
Trust Action Suggestion

After ending up in a situation tonight where another character was stuck so exhausted they couldn't move for a very prolonged period with no recourse but to wait until they (very slowly) naturally recovered- which can't have been fun for that player- but was unable to eat anything to aid recovery due to not being able to move, I wondered about the feasibility of adding "feed" as a @trust action.

It has practical use in situations like this- a character too exhausted to move who needs help eating to speed recovery- as well as in RP situations- "Here! Try a bite of this!"

If you want this I gotta have my @trust-to-light-my-cigarette first.

Shouldn't need trust, they're too fatigued to stop you. :-D


light kuzco's cigarette with lighter


Great point! So can we just make "shove pizza in X's face" a working command then? Awesome.

>dress hulking with tutu

I can just imagine the Corpies in their ivory towers, being fed strawberries and cream by their lowly Mixer servants.

I like this idea.

And then you slip in the poisoned strawberry.


I once poisoned a guy at a LARP with a starberry. Right before dueling him in a fight to the death with daggers.

I hope that was all IC.

Else I'm calling the Judges.