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a strip club without a pole?
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Kailynn

Ok, umm, what kind of a strip club doesn't have a pole?? There's not even one in the description of the room. I dunno, anyways, I thought it would be better if it had one. Possibly make it an item players can interact with, like the bar. You know, something to the effect of:
a player types : dance on

for instance, and we could have messages appear every few minutes in the room describing whoever is dancing. We could even set up a commmand similar to the @nakeds so that players could customize their characters dances? ?? ?
I dunno, just an idea, thought I'd share it.

It's the future. The idea is to have holographic strippers. In theory, it's supposed to be too dangerous for the girls to dance right out in the open, so they do it somewhere else and get projected into the audience room ... or several audience rooms ... or even several locations. Sadly, in reality, the objects created to do this are broken and the previous usage of the them was so brief that it didn't warrant further development effort.

Ofcourse, some would say 'just RP it', which is a valid response, but it's an idea that should be discussed.

I'm not sure what your looking for with a command like @nakeds that involves your dance routine. Could you elaborate more on this? If you don't have an account to post, just use the register link at the top.

I think I see what she means - have a set message for your character that you can change, and would be displayed to the whole room if you 'used' the pole. Like an @tease message.

Personally, I really like the idea, Kai. It would probably increase the popularity of having stripper chars - less work for a standard dance routine.
But, on the other hand, Jman is...well...he's the man. And what he said would probably be more themely - though also harder to set up.

So yea - just RP it I guess. But to save yourself some time and brainjuice, once you come up with a routine you like maybe keep it stored in notepad so you can just copy-paste if you're feeling lazy.
I...don't do that...I swear....