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A variety of things kicking about in my head
Ideas aplenty

So, yeah, being able to chose when to vacate your locker would be good.

Being able to change the codes on your lockers and cube doors would also be good.

It would be nice if you could trash the basic clothes that people buy from the old depot. Tash spends a lot of time running to the chute. Or maybe, alternatively have chutes on each level except for Blue, its too uncleanly and unpleasant to look at.

Would it be possible to get ANSI colour in clothing? So if you had a black t-shirt with red writing on it the red would stick out of your @worn descriptions?

I adore ansi color in clothing, it adds flavor to even a pair of smelly sneakers, it should be a tailor or stock only thing though, I seen some weird crap when its too open.

I don't know anything about lockers though.

and how about just having a dumpsters that clean themselves out near the chute, so you can toss what you dont want in there, and the bums and scummers can have a go at it.

Being able to change the codes on your lockers and cube doors would be very bad
*grins and reads a superb legend of zelda story at fanfiction.net*

I really like that ansi color idea!  That would be very neat.

This is probably the wrong place to mention this, but I was just reminded of something (an error?) having to do with ansi color in SD.

You know how different types of interactive objects are different colors?  Interestingly enough, if you have a photograph and part of the title is colored (eg. a photo of a location, or a virus bomb ;) and you drop it in a room full of objects, it screws up the color on the objects.

If my room had: a photograph of Westinghaus Apartments - Roof, a Progia-7 Cell, a flashlight, etc...
All the things listed after the photo would be devoid of ansi color.  
Not a big problem, but it's probably easy to fix?  I don't even care, just thought I'd point that out.

You wish that was easy.

*wishes for the problem to be that easy*

Did it work?

Ah, guess it's not. ;)  Ah well, not exactly a big deal to the gameplay... nevermind then.