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Adding to the Sleaze function robustness

I believe the 'sleaze' command is based on the charm of the character, which is based off of charisma. However. it seems totally possible for an intimidation tactic to be just as persuasive or effective as charm when trying to enter a club, or bypass the lev fee, et cetera.

Perhaps an intimidation sleaze could use the same mechanics as the established sleaze that is based on the charisma stat, but utilize the strength stat instead. There could also be some brutal fail checks, like when trying to intimidate a bouncer at a club to get in, if you fail and you get a temporary ban from the club or get man handled a bit and thrown out back to the street. Or perhaps even depending on where it is attempted, the WJF or Agents are called by the person who failed to be intimidated.

Seems that charm would have less repercussions from failing, but an intimidation fail would have more consequences since it is viewed as hostile.




Some places could easily summon up enough combatants to lay any character flat on their ass for trying that, though. Also, how many attempts would they tolerate before permanently banning that character?

There are many, many, many places where there could and should be consequences, even if you succeeded. So many, in fact, that it's probably not worthwhile to look into.

Intimidate your way into a club, the owners might not be happy. Maybe the gangers outside that are probably supposed to be protecting their turf wouldn't be happy.

Topside, someone is definitely going to call the Judges on you. In a corporation, security would absolutely be alerted in some way.

I see many of the points made.

I could however, see some baddass choompy hustling some poor mixer at the lev on Red to get in for free. Or on green or gold, the corpie getting hassled is so scared shitless, that they just let the mixer through.

Mebbe the intent of getting into a club by force, because the character wants to shoot up the place, or is on a mission to beat their misbehaving stripper girlfriend/boyfriend, so the character doesn't care if if the bouncers get called.

Yes, the intimidate would not apply to a lot of places perhaps, due to consequences, but I would imagine it would bring some good RP to the environment and be applicable in a lotta places.

If you really engage and invoke the kind of RP which recognizes you as being intimidating - you will find needing to scare people so you can get into a club a triviality.

Charisma really needs and deserves it's small victories as a stat. Combat monkeys do not. If you want to intimidate somebody into paying you lev fare, grab somebody and shake them down the way it's already supported with code.

You can even edit your sleaze messaging with @messages me to reflect how your character would get into wherever, be it by shoving rudely past or batting their lashes.

Charisma isn't just sweet talking. It's how well you sell yourself, whatever act you're putting on. Rebranding your charm or cool to scary is a matter of your own RP. The stats are already fine.