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Adjusting disguises
Instead of completely removing them.

I'm not exactly sure how diguises work code wise. I just know they eventually fade/fail a roll and people can tell who you are.

And, it seems to be the only way to regain your disguise, is to remove the helmet/hood/shroud and wear it again.

Be pretty cool, if you could simply "tease" an item that provides a disguise and thus readjust your hood/helmet/shroud to better cover your fugliness.

This has been brought up before in the form of the tease verb raising or lowering the hood on hoodies, which would make them better integrated into the game as regular clothing.

I'm not sure I really like the idea of a single verb to be able to reset your disguise meter though, since that kinda takes away from the whole point of needing good disguise skill to remain unknown. I don't even think taking it off and putting it back on should completely reset it either. This is one of those things where game balance has to take priority over actual realism.