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Ankle holsters
And other gunfuckery

I know that holsters can be restricted in what weapons they can hold.

So I was thinking it'd be pretty neat to have ankle holsters to wear for keeping holdout weapons - the smaller-sized firearms in the game such as the PPK and the Seburo - and possibly the P7 Compact as well (IRL, the P7 is about the same length as a PPK, though I realise for game balance reasons it may be best to leave it out). I figure eventually there might also be some stubby lil' revolvers too to put in there. The Chiappa Rhino 2-incher looks suitably cyberpunk enough for SD, I think:

And besides, autorevolvers are just cool.

You may ask, what's the point when you have right shoulder holsters, left shoulder holsters, belt holsters and thigh holsters?

I figure it would be great if these ankle holsters received a bonus to remaining undetected from a frisk, to balance the fact that they can only hold the smallest handguns. It would make it at least a tad easier for people to sneak guns past Judges and into places without firearm detectors.

This would make the "lower end" handguns more desirable, and it would pave the way for more expensive "small" guns such as the Rhino above - it's a .357 mag). Give it the same penalties as would be applied to a GP100 with a sawed barrel. Simultaneously, it would make the installable security devices even more desirable.