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Does it exist in this timeline?

Is it plausible to think autopilot exists in vehicles, such as ground cars, flying cars and so on.

I just wondered because it seems like it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility.

I'd say it's entirely plausible.

If it's factual is an IC matter.

If it's factual in the city is an IC matter, but if it exists beyond scientific test cars in the world at large should be general knowledge.

Yes, the idea of automating tedious tasks using machines is very much a theme within Cyberpunk.

The first autopilot dates back to 1912, with the use of gyroscopes. The concept had been well established in people's understanding with things like 'cruise control' and 'autopilot on commercial aircraft' long before the SD timeline diverged. The presence of autonomous automation is obvious in just about every aspect of the workings of the city. There's autonomous holograms that answer your questions, autonomous clone tanks that recombine your body and inject your memories, and autonomous surgery rigs that take your spleen out at the order of a doctor.

When the traffic is thick but not thick enough to stop you and have you wait, I don't see why not.

I've figured out some routes and know I'm not the only person who has and then can just paste that in as long as there isn't much traffic. Of course, the popup on the screen shows you taking a look at your surroundings before you turn in said directions so it could be that Withmore Hope just wants to fuck with you. *wink*

Autopilot has the potential to remove the mystery from the game in certain areas. Half the fun of getting to Blue is figuring out how. Half the fun of getting to San Mara is figuring out where. Half the fun of going into space is the gigantic void and needing to know where you are going, hence, hiring a pilot or guide.

Autopilot replaces the need for RP (information gathering, hiring a guide, hiring a pilot) with an automated, coded machine. Is that really the direction you guys want to take it?

Oh, is that what you meant by autopilot?

Like how Slither described it so you choose a destination and you get taken automatically there?

If so, and not like cruise control, then I'm totally against it. I hated with a passion that WOW ended up doing that. You get a quest in WOW and click the next step and you don't need to do anything except be taken to the area you needed to be in.

I hate that.

Cruise control, like copy/pasting the directions(which you already explored and know) into the client box, fine. But the game automatically taking me to somewhere I don't know how to get to? No. I don't like that.