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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from McClure

Let's a doc with the proper facilities determine a cause of death, knife, 6mm bullet(s), .45 bullets ... blunt trauma to the head ..
You get the idea.

A Doc with the -proper- facilities already can perform an autopsy.

I was expecting...It's on the list....
anyways, cool.

Yeah... This all falls under the broad category of 'Forensics'.

Something which we do have minimalistic support for, and definately plan to implement some time in the distant future.

Just at a glance this includes:
Automation for determining cause of death
Genetic samples from both attacker and victim on appropiate weapons
Wound to weapon matching


Technologies to help defeat these techniques... DNAtom bombs, Gene-be-gone spray, etc.

Right now it's kinda a manual process. But that'll change eventually.


(Edited by Kevlar at 7:54 pm on April 21, 2003)