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Bank Accounts
Transfer it all to this account or else!

I think that bank accounts should be more versatile. For example, if you find a cred chip it should be possible with the right equipment to hack into the account and drain all the monies!

Lots could come from being able to access other people's accounts. You could deposit money into someone else's account for payment. The above situation where a nice little corpie boy is threatened to transfer money into a certain account or his family will be killed.

Lots of fun stuff.




You can transfer from one account to another's, all you really need is the person's name.

Well not only transferring, but also being able to hack into accounts (without needing the person's name). The cred chips is what really inspired this and right now you can't hack into them and drain whatever account they were originally from.

The temp fix is to do it with admin/gm assistance since all you need is a pass code.

If it was an easy task...would anyone keep otherwise useless  cred chips???

Wouldn't everyone be deckers for the ca$h?

I'd love too see this happen, but ramifications should be considered and discussed.

At the very least, detectable breaches should result in a SIC# report being sent over the encrypted WJF channel...alerting PC Judges and GM's alike.

Then there's meanie corpsec...nobody likes you messin' wit da bank mo0neyz.