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Bartender's tips
Giving the job more of a meaning

I've noticed that while dancers, for example, can emote and pose doing their job, using the 'climb onto/off stage' mechanic, and make money with tips, bartender's jobs currently seem entirely dependent on the amount of PC's in the bar. I propose to add a small stage-like mechanic to the bar, simply 'go back/front of bar'. It would work and start generating tips only for employees registered as bartenders, to prevent just anyone walking behind the bar and making money. I think maybe they could earn about 10% of the cheapest drink's cost each minute (to simulate the tips, and it's a percentage so the tip amount would change based on the bar, if it's a low class bar with a moonshine that costs 60 chyen, the tips would be 6 chyen, but if it's a high class bar with a scotch that costs about 250, the tips would be 25, etc.) It should cap maybe at about 50-60 tips... any thoughts?

Bartenders are taking money from people present as part of their job already. As such, they have opportunities to skim, as well as to react to customers NOT tipping.

Strippers CAN rp their way into character-paid tips (and should), but they don't have the above opportunities.

Also, I sort of expect strippers to tend to make more than bartenders.

In general, more automated income isn't something we generally like adding to the game. Neither is "fairness" - everyone isn't expected to be eligible for identical levels of salary, tips, etc, with identical levels of rp-less grinding.

If bartenders are dis-incented to show up for work because of the income, that's either a character or a player who doesn't know how to make that job work.

Bartenders can and should be making money as information brokers and go-betweens. This is where the role really makes you money.