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How could it work?

With the skills we have currently, I would think it would use long blade, munitions, maybe artistry.

You would need a forging station. Wouldn't be cheap, for sure. Then, you buy blanks of the different weapons you can build (katana/wakizashi, or maybe all bladed weapons).

The bigger or better the blade, the higher skill needed and the time it takes to make said blade.

Something like a katana would need a blank that cost a lot, takes like 6 months to make, and needs past the curve in everything, stat/skillwise.


At the higher levels of mastery, be able to buy the raw steel to forge the blade, instead of just the blanks. Highest mastery should be able to start with raw ore to custom create the steel they want. Opportunities for skill failures would definitely lie within the head treating to get the hardness and toughness desired.

Time to make would be dependent on skill and the grade of equipment used in crafting.

Is there a scavenging skill? Some good blades can be made from reclaimed materials such as automotive coil and leaf springs, also from powered blades used in industry. This could give an option for a fixer to be involved with procuring steels outside the registered supply chain and create private sources of blades.

Or you can make your knives sharper! :D Blades get dull with usage and deal less damage over time unless they're maintained and sharpened!