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Bloody corpse clothes
Spattered blood on slaptjobs' equip

Not sure if this has been offered up before, but seems like it would make sense to apply the bloodied clothes code to people who jump off of buildings/skywalks/etc. A fall of that magnitude would definitely bloody-up someone's clothes.

This could be applied to any deep trauma really.

I'm not sure if this is implemented in the game or not. But I did see a live broadcast over the TV in character and the suspect had blood all over his jacket. Not sure if it was from trauma, his or someone else, or if it was just a coded piece of clothing.

This already happens in many cases. In the ones where it doesn't, it usually makes sense why it didn't. Falling injuries are very weird IRL.

Related, but it would be neat if a body is in some place for a time and was killed by blades/guns, then there's a pool of blood in the room, like the pools of water we see when it rains.

Originally, I loved the idea of pools of blood. But however, maybe only for like...mass killings because if you think about it, ambient-wise, there are certain places (like the Mix) where killing occurs everywhere. Thus, you'd see pools of blood in almost every other room.

Just my thoughts.

Have a mass killing in a room, and you see blood seeping out from under the door. Or, if it's a security door, a lot of blood comes flowing out onto whoever opens the door the first time. Could create some disease opportunities, too.