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Breathe or Inhale
Let's not get intimate

Right now we have the smell command to see player @smell message. But, if we were near a player in a room, shouldn't we be able to smell something without getting all up in their business? Or, ambient air? In a park...smelling the wonderful scents of flowers. In the mix, gagging over the stench of sewers.

Enter the breathe or inhale command. Example. Players are in a bar and a player uses an inhale or breathe command.

Player sees: You inhale/breathe deeply.

Others see: %N takes a deep breath.

Say there are a few players in a room with smell messages set. Player one smells like roses, player two smells like a skunk, and player three smells like cheese. The ambient smell in the bar is stale cigarettes and spilled liquor. So, the inhaling player would see:

The room smells like stale cigarettes and spilled liquor, you catch the faint scents of cheese, roses, and skunk.

It could also be linked to perception where the higher perception might tell you who smells like what. Or, who one character smells like. This wouldn't include the smell of recent sex unless perception was amazing.

Actually, the way you smell already appears in your short description and most places have how they smell on their description text if they have any kind of noticeable smell like cigarette smoke, antiseptic, etc.

I would just like to see it made obvious that when someone smells so bad it causes your character to vomit, you don't have to manually smell them to find that out. Blech.

It only shows in short desc if something doesn't override it I suppose. Maybe it involves perfume. But, my short desc does not show my smell.

Maybe not to you it doesn't, but other people can see it. I actually, have seen on your character first hand.

I think a random scent feature activated based on forensics + perception would be pretty cool. Maybe you smell things that are no longer visible such as: corpses, vomit, blood, explosive, firearm use, sewage, etc. combined with local players/NPC's.

Everything blend together and you don't always recognize things....but it provides a reminder of what sector you're in...and who smells like they don't belong.

I think it could enhance RP. "Damn...someone smells like a skunk." Or, "Hey...who's the baka what smells like a damned corpie?"