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Car Bombs
Welcome to boomtown.

Now...we have bombs that go in your skull...we have grenades, why not car bombs?

Mind you, for balance, they'd have to expensive as hell...uber-difficult to install...we're talking explosives + auto-tech...at the very least. Plus I think it would only be fair if they had to be remotely detonated.

Also, I think it'd be fundamental that a card destroys most of the car parts but leaves the object around to be repaired.

Withmore Car Bombs are the only car bombs I need!

VBIED's is where it is at. Put the detonation button on your shifter, drop a 500lb bomb in the back seat, and charge!

I think the problem would be cost. I mean, it's hard enough to sneak pistols and guns and the like in, let alone a 500 pound bomb, regardless of whether or not you bring it in all together or pieces. unless you want to pay to have a few ounces of explosives to come in with every new person to the dome it just isn't cost effective. You're better off plating a few well-placed grenades in certain parts of a vehicle(If that's your target) and then *BLAM*

Usually the people driving VBIED's don't care about the cost..

I know the one driving it doesn't care, what about the one making the car go boom? I mean think about it... If it costs over 100K to get most weapons in the city that are larger then a pistol, how in the hell is someone going to get a 500 pound bomb in?

Easy. Assemble it inside the city. It doesn't have to be a 500lb dud found out in the desert.

Not to mention you can do this thing called bribing the guards. As I said earlier. People who use VBIEDs can probably afford to do such a thing.