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case-insensitive input
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Steingold

One thing I would suggest is making all input case insensitive. (I just had a problem where I typed "speak loudly," but didn't realize i was still speaking quietly because I didn't type "Speak Loudly.")


'speak loudly' is all that's required. The command is case insensitive.

Perhaps you moved or something? That does change your speaking style.

xhelp if you experience this problem please.


On the subject of moving and talking.  Say you and two other people are walking along (in this instance two of the people are following the other person).  Well, then one person says something to another and the thierd person misses it because they just switched rooms and Are no longer listening to everyone they were before.  Could it be like maybe you have 10 seconds before someone disappears from the list of people you are watching, so you don't miss everything while walking?

good idea, maybe slightly less than 10 secs though, wouldn't want to make it too easy for eavesdroppers, or possibly somehting where you could address more than one person, like "to steve, and bob <insert text here>"  

Or maybe have it so it only affects those watching and following, or leading as the case may be. That way, unless you're sneaky, the person or persons being tailed would notice they are being followed and such...

(Edited by Lucien at 2:06 am on Feb. 6, 2004)