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chex taxi sic ad.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikon

this may be in the wrong spot, sorry, but has anyone else noticed a sic ad for chex taxi that says "just dial CHEX" as though dialing chex, or 2439 will connect you to a cab, there should be just such a hotline mentioned in the ad though. if for some reason there is a number in the ad and I read it wrong just slap me and call me susan.

I leave the ad in rotation as a reminder to fix the taxi's up and get them back in service.

Ofcourse, this post helps that too. :D

Hoorah, found it..or at least a post about the taxi's..

as requested Johnny:

Chex need to advertise more..on TV, with business cards or something left in bars. I spent 2 hours waiting for the sicad so I could find out the number to call them.

The list of locations Driver's recognise needs expanding, too.