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Grunnen's should sell big Cuban cigars. You know, the massive ones that were rolled on the thighs of a virgin and all that.

And lighters, so that the rich folk don't have to get thier designer shoes dirty going all the way down to RED for a light.

Grunnen reaches into a box under the bar and takes  out a fine Cuban cigar, he cuts the end off for you and hands it to you, "<insert quip here>".

Really. :)

I think some of the stuff you can only get on Red - i.e. lighters, packs of cigarettes, six-packs of lager, letters, and so on, should be sold on Green as well, with slightly marked-up prices...it's Green after all.

*points frantically at Cordoba and at the PharmaSave advertisements*

(Edited by Murphy at 6:06 pm on Nov. 14, 2002)

And hookers. Only they'd be nicely packaged as escorts.

Okay, I'm gonna shut up now.

"Escorts" and "massages"?