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Combat Streamlining
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Ezekiel

The combat system is a little too unwieldly when there are a bunch of corpses. Recently in the sewers I was attacked by 2 Sewer Rats and after I killed one then suddenly It could not tell which rat I was refering to. First and Second prefixes
did not matter and nomatter what happen it either: a: claimed that 'first' or 'second' sewer rat was too vague or b: simply could not figure out what I wanted it to do. So My idea is that you add a way for a player to target one of the remaining
attackers with a command that picked a random living attacker. Maybe use Defend or something. It would help when dealing with attackers after you killed one of them and the game suddenly has you stop attacking for no reason. Just a thought.

I still think that once you kill one attacker you should automatically move on to the next.  This was suggested a while ago and got thrown out for some reason.  *shrug*

Hm..  I remember it being mentioned, but I dunno why it was disregarded as an option.  Didn't it used to be like that a long time ago?

Next time trying using an alias that isn't on the corpses too.

If first rat dosn't work, try first sewer.