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For your dirty magazines...

:D  Hello yet again.

I was thinking, even cubes should have shelves or maybe a box to put stuff in so the rooms aren't so crowded with junk when you have it.  Lockers would still be useful regardless as a nice place to make drops and stuff.  The containers wouldn't be lockable, which would still stiff you if you didn't pay rent, but we'd be able to keep the clutter down that way.

I think this may have been discussed before...

Personally, I think containers are nifty but then again...MOO Bloat.

Well, I was assuming that containers and stuff would reduce the bloating...crud.

Perhaps not containers, but a fake container that only 'exists' in the room. Of course, then you bastards want to be able to steal containers. Slippery slope and all that.

At this point, cubes and the like -are- the containers. Just don't take your joygrrl back there for your tons-o-fun lovin'.