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Letting everyone see your face when you drive.

I think there is enough variety in vehicles already but thought I'd share this fun idea anyway. Let's take the roofs off of our cars!

There's definitely the awe effect of seeing a celebrity step out of a limo with tinted windows. But some celebrities might have much more public personalities and want the whole city to see them and there entire posse as they drive from venue to venue.

Imagine yourself at a crowded intersection. You push the 'retract' button on your dash revealing you and your entire crew. Then you peel out at full speed leaving onlookers envious of your expensive car, gorgeous friends, and mad driving skills.

Or maybe you're in your car and chatting up your friends who are sitting on the curb outside the bar. Then someone you don't like shows up and ruins your fun. Before cruising off into the night, you push the the button on your dash to put the top back on, giving your unwelcome guest the ultimate cold shoulder.

I can also imagine the feeling of dread and embarrassment flowing threw my body when I'm inside having a drink and somebody walks in and shouts, "Who's the idiot who parked out back with their top down? It's raining!"

So which would you drive? The sporty two-seater coupe? The luxurious four door sedan? Or the limited edition convertible aerodyne?

A car is it's own room. I don't think you can simply peel the roof of a room back to expose everyone inside... >.>

If you want to feel the wind in your hair, how about a motorcycle?