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Corporate ID
"do you -really- work for security?"

It would be great if registered employees of a company could have some form of visual identification, like a photo ID card that pins onto the suit, uniform, etc. or something similar that you keep in the wallet. A 'badge' if you will...

This would really help in situations where you meet someone who claims to be working for company X and yet you have no way of verifying this outside of trying to get an NPC to respond. To me this is creates a gap in the RP.

Naturally these things could be stolen, and would have to be replaced. But they don't give any real security clearance, which is naturally based on the far more reliable SIC chip.

But a SIC chip doesn't help in player-to-player RP situations.

P.S. On a side note, which I'll just mention briefly, e-note's should get some kind of generic 'Report' format to print out! Everythings ends up as a 'flyer'. This would also help corpie RP...


2 good ideas in one post, groovy. :)

It'd be righteus if it contained information pertinent to one's resume too.

"I'm N-L-M certified." Who doesn't wanna pay money to learn and be permitted to wield corporate goodness?

"You're gonna need a ViriiSoma or Saedor-Krupp certification to perform that medical procedure on GOLD, bub." Silly mixers will be kept in check.

And umm...hacking an SIC chips registry once outside a human being would be nifty too.