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Cost of Items

Alright, I've seen the prices of clones discussed a while back, but I've never really seen the cost of random items around the game discussed, and I really think it's time. On one respect, I think the cost of many items doesn't reflect their balance within the game world, both in what they are, and their cost in comparison to other items.
I think something that would really help with hoarding, and newer players feeling a little frustrated on not really being able to afford things (we're taking basic/utility/'fun' items, not guns/cars/etc), is if we lowered/balanced the prices of many items around the game. For instance:

13mm clip: 280 Chyen
Wallet: 860 chyen

Keep in mind, these prices are of course somewhat flucuating and altered by the trading/haggling skills of the player, but still, keep focused on my point, please.

Firearms are a lot harder to come by than almost anything else in the game, due to their price and availability, both based on the extreme legality issues involving firearms. Thus, shouldn't a clip of ammunition be more expensive than a wallet? Look at the huge gap displayed above!

Ex-D7: 532 chyen

Shouldn't drugs cost a decent chunk more than a wallet? Not that I'm preaching here that wallets should be 50 chyen, this isn't about wallets, it's just a good benchmark for comparison.

Pac-West FreqMan 6K: ~4600k chyen

I'm just assuming these are standard-tech 'walkie-talkie's. Even if they're good ones/durable/whatever, should they really cost nearly as much as a clone?

I know a lot of thought has gone into items and pricing, it just seems that lowering/altering many of them could make items flow a bit into the playerbase, and not that I'm thinking this will bring about waves of new RP, it couldn't hurt.

And I'm not going to disect it down into the many reasons I believe it should happen, but I think it would help out a bunch of people in a bunch of ways if 'Lev prices were lowered, at least a little.

That is all.

(Edited by Lotus at 8:03 am on June 1, 2003)

I think the cost of many items doesn't reflect their balance within the game world

Think about the function of a wallet in game, and game balance.

1000 chyen is a totally good price.

Ammo shouldn't cost more, or it'd be like buying a new weapon all the time that runs out...

You're getting into this complaining thing aren�t you?

100 chyen is minimum wage.
Half of minimum wage for a train ride isn't a lot, not at all.
It helps keep the various types of people on their associated level, like cars show how those of a higher status and with more money get a lot more freedom.

It's not about making it easy of people, this is CP ;)

No, I'm not complaining. Surprising, as with all the complaining you've done, you should be more apt to recognize it. �
This, would have been complaining:
"Items cost too fucking much, do something about it!"

What I did is called 'feedback'. Can you say it with me? 'Feedback.'

Get this: Admins -want- feedback. They crave it. It's because it tells them what a player thinks. Whether or not they agree, and whether or not anything changes, is irrelevant.

Seriously, go away. I doubt there's a person around who cares about anything you've ever posted. Ever. I thought you had left; what happened to that?

(Edited by Lotus at 9:21 am on June 1, 2003)

Actually, ammo is extremely cheap to produce, even moreso when you consider the 13mm clip holds 30 rounds, which basically guarantees it's caseless - means no brass casing cost in the manufacturing process. We can assume most ammo in SD is caseless - simply because it's cheaper through and through on the manufacturing side.

Apart from that, in the case of the 13mm, no one has any use for it but Judges, since ICly (AFAIK) 13 mm is a very specific calibre (sort of like .50AE or 10mm Auto IRL - only a VERY small number of firearms use it), so selling you something utterly useless to you for 300~ odd chyen isn't very cheap - you're basically getting ripped if you buy it.

did i miss what the AFAIK means in another post somehere? or am i just dumb?


As Far As I Know

guess im' just dumb, it seems kinda obvious now that you explain it.


Quote: from Lotus on 9:20 am on June 1, 2003[br]What I did is called 'feedback'. Can you say it with me? 'Feedback.'

Seriously, go away. I doubt there's a person around who cares about anything you've ever posted. Ever. I thought you had left; what happened to that?