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Cute and fuzzy they are not...

I think the badlands should be filled with all sorts of those...things.  Make the place not only dangerous to traverse, but dangerous if you happen to find the ambient population.

You should feel lucky that you havent found any...

Haha, I have *winks*  But only -one- in what appeared to be a predetermined 'staionary' place for it.  If they're wild critters...they should be allover or at least in particular areas.

There's quite a bit of shit out there. Be careful what you wish for...it might kill you.

That's the point hehe

If the critters aren't moving about, then there is probably a problem in the npc movement system.

*pokes a radscorpion in the ass*

Hmm...well he's not movin.  Think that just might be the case.