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Customizing vehicles ala @messages
Fun for the whole family.

I couldn't help but notice that their are alot of @messages associated with vehicles. Would it be viable to edit them as custom modifications and possibly have such configuration associated with installable parts?


Message customization does add to the game, however, it adds more then just cool messages.  It adds bloat.  This is one of the reasons we don't allow customization of NeXuS clothing, or armor.  Because it just takes up so much space.  

I think having a part add a message to the outside of a vehicle is viable, but that part would be a generic.  Like chrome wheels.  If you added chrome wheels, the message would be the same on every object.

That would allow some customization, without having every vehicle defining several custom made messages by the mechanic.

However, I'm open to discussing this.  Though, I think Johnny will bring up the bloat argument as well.

Hmm...I'm anti-bloat it makes everything go slow. If not bloat I can, then not bloat I must.