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Cutting Drugs
Second Verse, same as the first

As mentioned, in the wrong place previously, cutting drugs would be an excellent idea. It does not really provide more money, it just allows you to sell it to people without them having aneurisms!

As said before we're looking into this. :)

Sounds like drug cutting should be done more on the delivery side due to the way chemistry is already setup. Maybe have verbs that control the dosage connected to drugs?

Drug cutting can be performed at any step of the process.

Ideally, and realistically, it should be an option when collecting the drug from the device it is made from. As that is the most convenient and logical thing, so people aren't cutting their dosages after they use them once or twice.

Cutting should either make the drug weaker, or deadlier. As it does in the real world.

I agree, as it should depend on skill.

Although, if you really wanted to get technical, you would be able to choose what you wanted to cut the drug with.

I also agree, perhaps what you cut with can provide a certain benefit/cost balance like certain additives when making drugs, or cutting agents can be added to the list. Maybe have one add to value to but increase deadliness etc...

I like this idea, even though I'm not a current chemistry user. The ability to cut drugs would be a nice addition. Cutting should also increase the amount of the drug produced. For example, you cut a key of coke with baking soda. That might produce a key and a half.

That's the whole idea really...making more things.

Right! I don't know where my head was there.

Too much drugs.

All this cutting is getting to my brain.