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yeah ok, I'm lost...

Dying sucks. Especially since if you come back as a clone you're not supposed to remember things that happened since you last updated. But the big question is - what the heck did I do before I updated? What can I remember?
I would like to propose a little ooc thingy that you can fill in when you go to get cloned. Just a sentence or so that will pop up again after the death shpiel to oocly remind you of where your clone is time-wise. Puh-lease don't make me start a journal or something to keep track of what happens each day. Really.

That's been there for months now, goofus.


Why thank you, Gallant...

Oh my God, Goofus and Gallant! I remember them, bleh.

The stupidest one ever was...
Goofus reaches into the pickle jar to take out a pickle, and Gallant uses a fork to get it out.

What the hell?!?! I always used my fingers. *sniff*

Gallant can stick that pickle up his ass!

(Edited by Tylissa at 1:24 pm on Dec. 21, 2002)

how do you use this OOC sentance thingy?

and goofus was my secret hero. he rocked the cat's spa.