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Deathball Betting

So i got to thinking, it isn't very IC for corpies to wander around the mix carefree and what not, this is typically pretty agreed upon from my experience.

Deathball isn't exactly holistically a mixer sport so why is the betting only available in the mix?

Perhaps we can use the Korova to provide Deathball betting services with one of the existing NPCs?

Just a thought, the lack of a corpie betting mechanism without risking life and limb in the mix seemed a little bit inconsistent and not themely.

(Edited by DigitalTyranny at 9:54 pm on Sep. 3, 2011)

So while i'm on the subject of adding features to the Korova for the corpies.

Since the Korova was created there's been some new drug additions to the game..

Venom and Nevadone to be specific. I would think from an IC perspective that Korova would be stocking new Moloko drink's with these drugs in them.

If this seems plausible, I can come up with some names for them, just let me know if I should bother.

Maybe some pot brownies to go along with that venom milk, ya? =-p

(Edited by DigitalTyranny at 10:49 pm on Sep. 3, 2011)