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Differences in Disguises

Hey, bringing this over from the Town Hall Meeting.

I would like various disguise items to mask a character for longer than others (combat turns, actions, etc). An example of this would be a shroud, which covers the users body type, weight, gear underneath, even extremities, would last longer as a disguise than a balaclava which only covers a face and that even shows the eyes/glasses. This would still be based on the disguise skill, but different disguises would provide different bonus (I don't know how the code works, but using other RPG values, a balaclava or wig/contact set would be the +0 option, the hoodie +1, the shroud a +3 to disguise). This would make shrouds and other items more coveted and important when doing certain tasks but also more suspicious from an IC stand point (you know longer know any basics on them, can't see gender or similar and the disguise is harder to slip).

Just an idea. I believe another person is going to add on to this.

Remove gender from bulky, concealing disguises. A helmet hides your face, but not your body, and thus by itself wouldn't disguise your figure. But if you're wearing a giant heap of ragged raincoat, you're really not exposing enough to determine gender. Even hoodies, if baggy enough, do a lot for concealing the apparent gender of a person in real life.