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a thpught..

When freshly cloned should your stats take a hit as your mind Adjusts to being downloaded into a new body?  Nothing earth shattering.. but its a traumatic experience and it would take some adjusting

It'd be easier to perm people. If that's what you want - I'm game...but newbs will be pretty upset as it will hit them harder.

My goal is not to make it easier to perm but more realistic after clinic g

Maybe it doesn't have to be stats what else could we do?

Something similar to drug withdrawals IMO.

Perception should take a hit at the very least, seeing as sight and olfactory organs have never been used before.

I could also write a script with a variety of emotes, that could run for some time after one emerges from a vat.

Why not make some $cripts that provide "flashback" experiences to skills the character possesses? Less hardcore stat work - more in-game realism with forced hallucinations?