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Drag and Lift people
Moving people without grappling them.

I think it's been well established that we shouldn't really be grappling friends. It's an attack, even when used out side of combat (by this I mean when not attacking). At the same time there ate times when characters need to move other characters.

- Helping a chum who's too bad off to move at all on their own to the doc.

- Moving sleepers to the coffins (it's some peoples jobs even).

- Getting a chum out of a dangerous situation (fire, combat, hostile environment)

I I have used @lp and follow or escort to simulate helping people along but this only works when they are still healthy and rested enough to walk on their own. I think that we still see people using grapple inappropriately (I have been guilty here) is because there isn't really an alternative (that I know of).

I would suggest that a 'drag' command could pretty much work exactly like grapple does now but with gentler messages and being unusable while attacking (and it not being possible to attack while using it).

Lift would work like lift I guess. Just maybe add trust options for both drag and lift.

I only suggest both options so those who are not strong enough to lift someone might still be able to drag them. It's not so nice as lifting and carrying but it get's the job done.

I think you're only perceiving grapple to be an attack. It doesn't deal damage and has no negative consequences unless further aggressive acts are taken. You argue for a different command to be put in, but the argument is a little weak.

If I am a drunken lush and someone tries to carry me back home, I do not have full control of myself because my buddy has me held in some way. If I want to escape his death grip so I can rip off my pants and get arrested, I've got to struggle to get away still.

If you want someone to get a free grapple in that doesn't get defended against, you can even @trust someone to grapple you.

I'm pretty sure the grapple messages even include the word 'drag' when you move someone from one area to another. Lift is already a command too.

I'm pretty sure that we have been told by staff, repeatedly, that grapple is an attack and should NOT be used for such purposes. Recently I recall a staff member suggesting that grapple be modified to leave bruises on ones neck to reflect this. I don't think it's just my perception, though I could be wrong.

Honestly, I say it as you seem to up until hearing otherwise from staff. I figured that grapple, outside of combat, was for just such purposes and as only an attack when used in combat.

Of course, I don't want to speak on behalf. I am just explaining why I believ this to be the case.

I believe there was a comment on this recently by staff. As far as I was aware grapple is an attack and should be roleplayed as such unless it's for dragging sleepers or someone @trusts you to grapple them.

I have seen characters grappled defensively on many occasions, often for the purpose of dragging them away from danger (in many cases by a character they @trust). It's a rough motion and should be treated that way, something saved for emergencies, but it's definitely not always an attack. It's exactly what it sounds like: taking hold of someone and moving them involuntarily.

I can see characters reacting to being dragged around with anger, and I can see (and have seen them) reacting gratefully for a perceived rescue when being pulled away from imminent harm. It all comes down to the characters involved, like everything else in the game.

Grapple is the way to move friends and enemies alike. If it's during combat, it's a combat action. If it's out of combat, it can be friendly or unfriendly. We have an @trust system to help with this.

You can use grapple to move people around should you need to. You can also use emotes and poses to let others know how you are going the grappling, and the person being grappled can do the same.

.squat down and .lift Joe as carefully as I .can

grapple joe

.make my way slowly through the bar, carrying Joe gingerly.


This doesn't mean that manhandling someone even lightly wouldn't leave bruises.

It does mean you shouldn't use grapple just because someone is to lazy to follow you, or too slow to keep up with a long go string like go e e e e e e e e e e

It is an RP tool outside combat. Don't abuse it or use it in ways you wouldn't use it in real life.

-- S

Perfect. I can totally work with that. It's exactly how I've used grapple in the past. Thank you for clarifying!