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How they affect you and your ROPL.

Just beginning to explore drug use ICly, and I must say it is awesome. Opens up a whole new avenue of role play.

The only thing I've found lacking, is: what is what?

What is V-202? What is lna-z? What are the current day counterparts for each IC drug?

I think it would be useful if there was a page detailing what each high is like, and the emotional state it puts your character in. Or, a "help drugs" command. Which details each drug and their affect. Or at least shows the RL counterpart so players can do their own research and RP accordingly.

There is a set amount of time during which your stats are boosted/decreased. But is that the duration of the high? Or just the onset? Should you continue to RP as under the influence of drugs after this period or RP in a 'come down' state.

If a page like this already exists, could somebody please point me in the right direction.


Try looking up the name of one of your drugs on the grid. It is IC information after all...

Regarding, real life equivalents - look at the parallels in delivery systems and effects. Some you inject, some you smoke, some you snort, etc. Once you find that list of effects, the best thing you can do is think about what kind of addict you want to be. Is it a secret addiction? Is it a functional addiction? Are there particular activities you need to be high for? How low will you go for a hit?

I would consider the stat boost the noticeable onset. This is why you got started doing the drug. Once that settles, you feel normal again but good. The come down is gradual but subtle until addiction starts to take hold. Then you find yourself needing it, craving it and doing whatever you have to too get it.

Beandip [to Hologram of Immy]: Tell me about drugs in Withmore

Hologram of Immy [to Beandip]: http://universe.sindome.org/wiki/index.php/Drugs_in_Withmore

Player-characters will also talk to you about what drugs do.

This hasn't gotten linked to yet because we're working on more about pages, but here's the 'what is what' on drugs.


I *swear* I feel like I've seen that exact material in a help file... Am I wrong? Can't for the life of me remember which one, and I looked pretty thoroughly for it today.

At any rate, is that to be be regarded as IC common-knowledge?

If you are in doubt about what's ICly availble info, check a hologram. They can tell you lots and that is definitely IC.