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Drunken Fist
New MA/Brawling style

So, I was thinking it would be awesome if a drunken fist fighting style could be implemented. Something where you get a bonus to your fighting skill if you are drunk, the drunker you are the higher the bonus(stamina penalties would still apply of course). You could possibly add Drunken Fist to Martial Arts and Bar Brawler to the Brwaling skill. Just a thought, what do you guys think?

I really don't like this idea, to be honest. Fighting while intoxicated is a bad idea. The martial art that this is based off of actually requires a ton of balance and skill, and the practitioners aren't actually intoxicated at all when they use it, the style just imitates the motions of someone that is drunk.

I wouldn't mind a martial art skill that helps offset penalties for fighting while drunk, but to make one that makes you a better fighter when you're drunk? No.

We still need to create the brawling fighting styles, but as cool as Drunken X sounds, its not going to be one of them.