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Entrances and Exits.
And no, not like the one yer mom has.

The average doorway is roughly three feet wide, and perhaps up to six and a half feet tall.  Allowing up to two people to squeeze through given that one of them is not completely rotund.

A garage door is massive, allowing any number of people, and for the larger ones, vehicles, to pass through unhindered.

But hatches, and things of that size, are tiny, one person at a time sort of entrances and exits.  So its completely plausible, that as one person is using it to enter, you couldn't -possibly- use it to exit, especially if said hatch was something you'd have to crawl upward through.

Since role-playing said situation doesn't seem plausible, I opt for a coded resolution here.  Thank you, and good day.

So I don't know the finer details of what prompted this post, but I think I get the gist of it.

So, yes, these sort of things can suck. But do you really expect the GM's to code every little detail in the game to be completely realistic? They would have time for nothing else. Then you wouldn't get any puppeting. Then you'd be upset you weren't getting any puppeting.

TBH it was planned, a long time ago in a gala... well, y'know. It was in along with vehicles to make things more flexible, ie, small vehicles (bikes, motorbikes, skateboards, etc) would be able to pass through doors and be ridden around inside buildings, garage doors would allow larger vehicles through, etc...

Things like throttling traffic through exits and deciding how easy they were to block/flee through fit in with it too.

...so yea, that's me harking back to useless info on something that was planned nearly a decade ago, again. Whee. :)

Course, you have to take into consideration there's alot of exits in the game and someone has to go round and make sure they're all the correct width... coz you can guarantee someone would park their humvee in a New Rose cube if it were accidentally possible, and play dumb when someone noticed and asked wtf they were doing...

You see a Seburo 6mm Compact, a 2093 Humvee and a 6mm clip.

I can see it now...

Anyway, I'd have to agree with this, it isn't feasible for me to be able to walk through the door at the same time Mogilla(Sp?) Gorilla.