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Ethicol Pumps
What do you think?

Can we get added functionality to eth pumps?

for instance, say you don't want to fill the tank, but merely put like half in, or only a certain ammount of chy?  Either a stop filling command or a fill cargo with pump to X command might be nice...


Fill to would be nice. I'm pretty sure there are ways to control how much you put in though. If 'stop pumping' doesn't work, either hop in your vehicle when you want to stop or limit how much money you are carrying on you by putting what you don't want to spend in a wallet.

There's a way to stomp pumping. Examine the pump. Can't...remember...right....now. :stoner:

Pretty sure there's a way to stop them, assuming they're the same cruddy pumps I knocked up when I was testing vehicles... hence the spammy rolling display so you could choose when to stop.

I may have simplified them due to a bug related to money. I vaguely recall there being some fucked up situation with them that needed attention several years ago.