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Firearm Mod Compatibility on Inspection?

Was wondering how feasible it would be to include a line on a firearm's inspection readout that tells you what mods are compatible with the weapon. There's no real documentation on what mods go where, and a lot of these mods are pretty pricey for doing trial and error.

I figure, if I had a high enough munitions skill and I inspected a weapon, I'd be able to get a general idea of what kind of mods I could attach to a gun. Message could be like 'This can probably be modified with [mod name, mod name, mod name] with the right equipment.'

If there are other gun users who have more insight on this, I'd love to hear from people who have been dealing with it longer than me, of course.

Most gun mods are compatible with other gun mobs. The only exceptions being sawed off and barrel extensions for some game balancing purposes, I believe. I would recommend pursuing this knowledge in-game though. There's some decent IC resources available on this topic.