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functionable sinks/washrooms
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Jarethe

I'm not sure if there are currently functional sinks (i've only been to red and gold levels at this time), however I think making it possible to use sinks could add something to the game. The ability to washup/rinseoff in public restrooms for people who would like to not 'smell' but fallen on rough times. Or maybe the person who travelled a distance for a job interview, and would like to make a nice impression by not walking in smelling of sweat, and sanity knows what else, by freshing up in the washroom right before the interview.

If your looking to add something to the game through the act of cleansing oneself...why not just pose it rather than ask for a coded solution?

So you're gonna wash your pits in a public washroom?

Shower-in-a-can is all we need!

Hey don't knock the washing one's self in a sink.  I've been forced to do so many a time while I was homeless..
We all need to get clean somehow.

when I was in the army we *occasionally, when doing long term field training*   would only have baby wipes to bathe for days sometimses weeks... a sink would have been heaven..

dunno why I felt compled to mention that but a bar restroom is nothing without a filthy sink...

in the orifice there are bathrooms and they have sinks.
you can use the sinks!
and then you get a message about washing your hands!
and then you get to dry them!
and then you can pee!
and then it tells you to pee in the urinal!
and then you try to pee in the urinal but you don't have the right equipment!
and then you check your equipment!
and then you check wich bathroom you're in and wonder why the womans room is telling you to pee in a urinal!
and then you eye the invisible urinal!
and then you kick the trashcan!
and then you wander away!
the end!

that was fun!


And that concludes Bias' report on the effects of methamphetamines.


:biggrin: Funny shit.

On a more serious note, one day, I'm sure, this will happen.

i am not a jib monkey.

i'm just very exitable.

*pets her :sewerrat: and wanders away again*

(Edited by Bias at 10:42 pm on Aug. 18, 2003)