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Golf Carts, Mopeds, Bikes
we all just want to get around.

I was thinking about small-time travel today and wondering if there would be a way to implement small, affordable vehicles for the have-nots. Yes, vehicles are for the rich, but it seems as though some form of small personal transport vehicles would exist as well. Something affordable, ugly, and slow, but perhaps something that could be at least used in the express tubes to move up and down between Red and Gold.

These vehicles would be electric, easily broken and stolen, could have parts taken off of them with anyone with rudimentary auto tech. A golf-cart, scooter, or hover-board would need to be charged, and would either not hold enough charge to make it all the way to and from Green, or wouldn't be let into the area because it is not a "motor vehicle." This would keep Green level exclusive.

Perhaps a new business could be opened? It could be a "charging lot" for golf-carts where you rent a space by the day. This would afford you a little extra security,( not that it would stop everyone) and you could charge up while not using the vehicle.

Anyways, just some thoughts I had.

We've been getting the bike generic fixed so it can actually support these variations on the same theme.


Hey, it's the future... we have UAV's, people go to space... hover-boards.

hoverboards wouldn't make it. If they did, the whole technology-scape would be fundamentally altered.

Fair enough. Like I said, just a few ideas bouncing around. Hover-boards may be a little far reaching.

*sigh of relief*

How can we have mind altering implants and body modifications and AVs, and all this tech but not be able to support hoverboards?

I do like the electric vehicle idea, and the charging stations to support them. If a sewer rat can kill me, I want a hoverboard.

Drugs, nanomachines and electro-neural technology is plausible.

Hoverboards are magic.

Nuclear powered magnetic gravity disruptors are sooo plausible.

To turn Asimov's (or Clarke's, forget which) postulate around, sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.

That's what a hoverboard would be. Not themely in this universe.

I don't know about this other stuff, but at least a bike makes sense.

An electric motor powered skateboard might be a reasonable, themely alternative. Put enough lights on the bottom and it'll look like a hoverboard, anyway!

While it would be cool to have these things, what actual IC benefit would there be? How does it increase RP? Or make the RP better? That's where my head is at in terms of new features and functionality. Give us a good reason something should exist and it very well might.

Cheap transport for newer characters. Some enter the dome with great expectations and then find out that they basically need to have a salaried position somewhere in order to get up to Gold in a reasonable amount of time a couple times a week. It could aid in quick robbery/escapes, provide quick transport for TERRA agents, (Think inter-city bike cops.) It would add a new element to transportation and delivery on red as whoever is using them would still be exposed and vulnerable, but would be able to move more quickly than someone on foot.

Fast transport isn't meant to be cheap or easy to get for new characters though. A vehicle on Red, even a cheap one, is a status symbol. If they were easy to get, the advantages would be diminished. Red sector is poverty level living. You don't have luxuries like that without a lot of work.

You want a quick escape from a robbery/crime? You have to put forth the effort to get a vehicle to do so, either by buying one, or paying off someone who has one. It isn't something you just expect to have.

New chars get the tube. It is a good mechanic for them to know where things are by walking and then getting a vehicle.

Things cost and there are cheap cars in game... and cheaper bikes... And things that look spit glued in a dark garage somewhere...

Fair enough, but this is something you see in small poverty-stricken places in RL. A couple guys run the street and all they have are two bmx bikes and a 9mm. I agree that the walking mechanic is good for new characters. I'm not saying these things should only cost 500c. All I say is that some character should be able to afford a different means of transportation after playing for a month or so, granted they don't blow all their chyen on TrueColorz from the Phallus Palace.

You already travel rediculously fast on foot of you consider the dimensions of the game. Most areas on the streets represent a whole city block. Considering you can cross a block of space in about a second and a half already, the bicycle would really not be able to change that speed to much without encroaching on how fast actual vehicles travel.

If regular walking speed was reduced considerably I could see it working, but... Playability over realism here.

Also you can get a car ridiculously cheap if you know the right people. If you don't know who or where to do so, well that's your character's problem, not the game.